Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In every way there is a wonder in the midst of thee
In every way there is a season just to set it free
In ways no one will know there is a land of free
In days God only knows my name He'll take from me.

Blogging was suggested by a brother with the hopes I would stop pounding him and the others with email.  Writing is my way of escaping from unwanted thoughts and in a creative way venting my desire and ability to be creative.  

Friday, July 20, 2012



There is no beginning to a story, nor is there and ending.  Story lives before you, with you and is here long after you're gone.  If your foolish enough to capture some of what went on, then you have a fragment of what went on, nothing more. The story is never fully, or accurately retold.  Story only reveals itself once.
Can a story tell itself?  Well, lets see.

You start with what you know.  That in itself is a story.  Logic will take you to places, people and things that mean something to you.  If you think you know something, the real world demands an explanation, or for better, proof by action.  This usually produces a tangible book, invention or idea that reduces the strife of mankind.  The movies are a form of mental edification…  an expensive production to entertain by appealing to one's wants, desires, and most important of all, our fantasies, whims, delusions, and vanities.  Oooh, the sacrosanct never appears unless it is called a documentary.  This must certainly lend credence to its credentials. But not always.  Because no one knows all the facts.  Logic won't reveal the facts.  Perception is not a reality that is friendly with facts.  So story is born, the imitation of life that we pay for, or if inclined, write about. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Age of Reason

When comes the age of reason,
Blessed be the rightful season,
Bow to unearned knowledge new.
Give back only your just due.

Less fortunate you say,
Didn't life look your way?
Amen to brothers all,
Bright the light before the fall.