Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012

Downtown Tampa Florida

Unreal, a lucky telephoto shot of a carousel.

Real or unreal?   This one is from my brother John who shot the rolling fog outside his window. 

Posing software is not what it seems to be because the result is not real, the rendered picture is digital, at no time is it ever human. 

We see what the mind's eye sees.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Person There-In   

You visit the person there-in, and say to him... 
Don't I know you from some far away place and time? 
Didn't you collaborate in this rhyme?

I don't think so friend, I have better things to do,         
Like muse of the misery of man and his zoo.

We barely speak much, nor chat or chatter,         
I often wonder what's the matter.

Strangers true we are!
Why have you bothered to travel so far?

    I must confess I'm lost without you, 

    and many things have cost me dearly. 

    For lack of talk with you is my most grievous sin, 

    and I repent from afar and from within.

Do not snatch at me with remorse,         
those lost days of foolishness are of course. 
I've been here all along,         
and died a thousand deaths in solitude forlorn.

   Just a glimpse, 
   Say, look this way today.         

   I'm here,
   I'm ready to begin.

   Knowing me is no sin.  

Monday, October 01, 2012

Chuck's Blues

    The Devil

When the devil 
Comes a court’n 
He can hang 
On the threads 
Of a scarecrow 
Take your eyes 
Where they shouldn't go 
And walk you, walk you 
Out your door...


She’s a tempt’n 
N’ain’t no scary crow 
Now c’mon, c’mon 
Where's the door?

 Vanity Is Hell