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There has been a mosquito floating around here for what seems likes weeks. Google reports a life span from two weeks to two months.  The little critter is either not hungry or agressive enough to go for a meal.  In fact I rather enjoy the company.  Will miss him when he is gone, or I get lucky. 

Culicidae "the little fly"

Friday, November 02, 2012

Chuck Mistretta's Poetry Page

Philosophers Are
Children telling truths.
Adults finding persecution.
Are of little faith, but chosen.
What It Is

If wisdom is
having outlived
our mistakes.
Then intelligence is
the capacity
to make them.
Want to be a poet?
                                                                     Let people dance
                                                                     on your heart.

                                                                                                                                    Contra Diction

A man without soul
Loves not his woman.
A woman without love
Has not her man.
He who is a child
Is neither, but has both.

Once upon a time ago I built my first web page called the above. Here is some of my stuff. 
1995 Corvette

The car is mine everything else belongs to god.
Frog in a bird feeder.

Eventually this blog will come together and it will acquire a self of its own!
Luke the lizard (iguana) suns himself on the deck after being away for years.