Friday, June 06, 2014

Neurons and memory

Everyone would like to take a magic pill that makes memory work better. But what about pills that can make memory worse?

"Many common medications have side effects that include possible memory impairments. The list of drugs known to cause such side effects is long, and includes both over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Examples include many widely used sleep aids, cardiac drugs, and anti-anxiety medications. Additionally, for people taking two or more drugs, there can be interactions: Sometimes, neither drug alone disrupts memory, but the combination might."    
From an article - Medicate Your Memory

The above rendering is my interpretation of neuron physiology.  Though we are reported to have billions of these brain cells  there seems to be a class designation that allows some neurons to only effectively communicate with those of a similar class.  Memory and other synaptic functions are thus drastically reduced or enhanced by cellular compatibility.  This theory permits the possibility of neuron coding as well operating as a simple switch or relay. 

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