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Thursday, March 23, 2017

US House of Representatives Vote Health Bill

With changes in government come changes in the redistribution of wealth.  An ongoing battle between the rich and poor.  Is this why we pay taxes or go to war,  support our allies, insure the well being of every citizen regardless of race, financial status, etc?  blogger

The bill would take away health insurance from an estimated 24 million people and raise costs for many older Americans. It would channel the savings into large tax cuts for the affluent. Opinion March 23, 2017

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Married priest

In an interview with the ZEIT, which appears on Thursday, Pope Franziskus has critiqued the faith.When asked whether he also experiences moments in which he doubted the existence of God, he says: "I also know the empty moments." But the crisis is also an opportunity to grow: "A faith that does not fall into the crisis (...) remains infantile."
Pope Francis experienced himself as a normal believer."I do not see myself as something special," says the head of over a billion Catholics around the world: "I am a sinner and am fallible." To every kind of papal cults, therefore, Francis declares a rejection. "We must not forget that the idealization of a person is always a subliminal kind of aggression." When I am idealized, I feel attacked, "he says in conversation with ZEIT, which took place in the Vatican at the end of February. It is the first interview that Francis gave during his four-year term to a German journalist.
The Pope is concerned about the rise of populism in the Western democracies: "Populism is evil and ends badly, as the past century has shown," says Francis. "Populism means to use the people", he always needs a Messiah and also the justification to keep the identity of the people.
The Pope described the increasing lack of priests as a problem in many countries, for example in Germany. The Church is challenged and should face this and other problems also fearless. The task of theology is to research. "The truth is not to be afraid," says Franziskus, "Fears close doors, freedom opens them, and when liberty is small, it opens a window."  
In addition, in the interview on celibacy, the ordination of priests of married men, Francis expresses himself to be hostile to his person and whether he will accept the invitation to visit Germany in the "Luther year".
Read the exclusive conversation with Pope Franziskus in ZEIT issue 11.

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Made of glass

Software  Daz 3d 4.9  Bryce 7Pro  Render time 20 minutes

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Screw you I am president

I can't say I dislike the newest United States president. Nor can Putin's countrymen speak to loudly

against his faults. All leaders are unable to please all their people all the time. When the taste for

poorly served policy continues for too long, someone will shout to loudly, but not for long.

In America the Republican party has apparently done so little for so long aside from flagrant non partisan rebukes of democratic policy, their ability to govern has atrophied. So who do we believe when statements of unpopular intent fly followed by little or no action?

Is this the beginning of the end for the democratic process? Or do we look to the news for amusement as American men die in the never ending war in Afghanistan, the native American is displaced in favor of questionable economic gain? The population will undeniably be reduced by relaxed environmental standards in all countries. This is a plan, the loss of tax base and a greater loss for those who depend on government to honor retirement programs.

This isn't false news, just repetition of current events as people continue hoping for the best when tomorrow arrives. 

Photo  Jabin Potsford

Political Martyrdom


daughter  grand daughter  boyfriend
A conversation

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Death Purpose

Then man was moved to understand the need for faith in anything but his sole being
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Worlds worst view

In one of his biggest art installments yet, British graffiti artist Banksy filled a Palestinian guest house with politically themed artwork in what owner Wisam Salsaa sarcastically called the "hotel with the worst view in the world." "The Walled Off Hotel," located in Bethlehem, overlooks the West Bank separation barrier erected by Israel.
By Nina Lin @ NBC

Peace on earth

Perpetual nativity scene under an oak tree
Christ is born every day

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dock post

The neglected dock becomes a curiosity 
interesting shapes and colors