Thursday, January 28, 2016


photo edit from movie clip Revenant

A tiny compendium of a life's interest/experiences beginning in 1946

Born in Chicago Illinois, grew up in Tampa Florida, attended Jesuit and Plant High Schools
Fifties cars
Radio shows: Mr. Wizard, The Shadow, shortwave radio band, etc.
Birth of broadcast television: Jackie Gleason, Ed Sullivan, Dean Martin, Twilight Zone, Carol Burnett to name a very few
Cuban missile crisis: Saw the parade of covered flatbed trucks on a daily caravan to MacDill AFB
Kennedy Assassinations: Confusion mixed with inaccurate reporting, lies, deceit
Death of Oswald: Ruby (mafioso) murdered Oswald on live TV
Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King
Lunar Landing
Vietnam War
Air Force assignments: Biloxi Mississippi, Myrtle Beach South Carolina, Moron Spain
Civilian jobs: Photo lithography, Microwave testing, Computer support, Logistics
Personal computing
Education: Electronics, Speech Pathology, Elementary Education,
Four children, multiple wives

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