Friday, February 26, 2016

Bipolar People

The name of this blog occasionally touches on the topic of the manic depressive state that is due to a chemical abnormality.  We are biochemical beings that produce about 100 watts of power, the brain will retain one quarter of the whole.  How well we switch the electrical currents in our body should bear some of the responsibility for feeling depressed, happy, or just angry as hell.  Pull some circuit breakers in your dwelling and leave them out for a time.  Plug them back in and go from deprived to elated and back to normal over time.  This simple analogy is what some people endure all their lives.  Medication and psychotherapy are the equivalent of solar power - energy when conditions are almost right.  This is not an opinion.  If you disagree, say so. (power figures are speculative at best)
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