Monday, March 13, 2017

Screw you I am president

I can't say I dislike the newest United States president. Nor can Putin's countrymen speak to loudly

against his faults. All leaders are unable to please all their people all the time. When the taste for

poorly served policy continues for too long, someone will shout to loudly, but not for long.

In America the Republican party has apparently done so little for so long aside from flagrant non partisan rebukes of democratic policy, their ability to govern has atrophied. So who do we believe when statements of unpopular intent fly followed by little or no action?

Is this the beginning of the end for the democratic process? Or do we look to the news for amusement as American men die in the never ending war in Afghanistan, the native American is displaced in favor of questionable economic gain? The population will undeniably be reduced by relaxed environmental standards in all countries. This is a plan, the loss of tax base and a greater loss for those who depend on government to honor retirement programs.

This isn't false news, just repetition of current events as people continue hoping for the best when tomorrow arrives. 

Photo  Jabin Potsford
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